Subject: New Fox series about the net

Found in the latest (April 1) _Variety_.  Forwarded without permission:

   In a surprise move, Fox reports that they are cancelling their Award-
winning series _The Simpsons_, effective the end of this month.
   Replacing it is a new series, _Hackers_.  Set in the present, this
high-tech true-crime thriller shows us the seamy underside of the
Information Superhighway.
   Fox has spared no expense when it comes to technical accuracy.  The
techical advisors for the show are Laurence Canter and Martha Siegal,
authors of the contraversial _How to Make a Forture on the Information
Superhighway_, and victims of real-life hackers who attempted to derail
their on-line advertising campaign.
   The two-hour premier shows the FBI and BATF track down and capture
a gang of ruthless child pornographers who are in cahoots with the
notorious "PKZ" who developed an ingenious secret code -- unbreakable
even by the NSA! -- for them to peddle their evil wares, and with a
mysterious message-laundering ring in Finland, which specializes in
making Internet transactions totally untracable.  It will be broadcast
on Sunday evening, April 31, at 8 pm eastern time, 7 central.