From: (Keith F. Lynch)
Newsgroups: digex.slip,digex.general
Subject: Re: New Digex.Slip Personnel

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Kendal Stephen  <> wrote:
> ... I've been on DIGEX's help desk since March of this year.  I am
> an Aerospace/Physics Major at the University of Maryland, and I work
> the help desk there as well, ...

Please help.  On 847-5252, I can't get my space shuttle to launch.
I think there is a leak in the fuel tank.  Is this Digex's fault, or
Bell Atlantic's?

Also, when are you guys going to fix the synchrotron?  I can't get
consistent logins at more than 500 GeV.

And why do I need to go through the systems staff to create my own
anti-protons?  I've been in the material world for decades, and I'm
certainly responsible enough to create my own fundamental particles.
I don't agree that there are too many baryons in the universe already.
There's still plenty of empty space.  But just in case, you guys
should look into getting a few more cubic megaparsecs, for future
expansion.  I hear that the price has gone way down in the past
few eons.