I often bike 20 to 40 miles a day, typically at about 15 mph (25 kmph) uphill, and about 30 to 40 mph (50 to 60 kmph) downhill. Never just to be exercising, but always to get somewhere. I have never owned or driven a car.

I've biked to and from airports, amateur radio events, barber shops, blood drives, bus stops, business meetings, churches, club meetings, conventions, courthouses, dentist's offices, doctor's offices, fire stations, friends' homes, grocery stores, hotels, libraries, malls, military bases, movie theaters, museums, opticians, parks, relatives' homes, restaurants, schools, shopping centers, train stations, and everywhere else for which a jet plane isn't more practical, in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. I've done so for years.

In August 1995, I rode to Dulles airport, boxed and checked my bike, flew to Scotland, unboxed my bike, rode to various destinations in Glasgow for a week, attended a major convention, rode back to the Glasgow airport, boxed and checked my bike, flew back to Dulles airport, unboxed my bike and rode home. Here are the details.

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Last updated March 14th, 1997.