While I support every adult's right to use any drug whatsoever (so long as I'm not forced to consume it, or to subsidize their habit in any way, or to be put at risk by their actions while they are impaired), I have chosen not to use any drugs at all. No tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, aspirin or other pain-killers, OTC drugs, "smart" drugs, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, weight-loss drugs, or vitamins. Nor to consume food or drink that's had any of these deliberately added.

It seems to work. Except for getting new glasses, and two quick trips to the ER for minor accidents, my medical and dental bills have been exactly zero for over a quarter century. Neither have I ever had so much as a cold, headache, or backache since early childhood, or needed to take any sick leave from work or school. I feel good and have never been depressed, over-anxious, or had any other psychological problems.

After reading Bovard's Lost Rights, I might qualify as paranoid, however.

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Last updated July 9th, 1995.