For the dedicated life extensionist, maintaining a regimen of life
extension vitamins and nutrients is expensive and time-consuming.
Prices vary widely, and suppliers are hard to find.

This article discusses where and how to obtain vitamins and nutrients
at a reasonable price.  It neither makes a judgment as to quality, nor
does it recommend a particular supplier.

There are many domestic mail-order suppliers of vitamins and
nutrients.  Some, such as Home Health, the Life Extension Foundation
(LEF), Life Services Supplements (seller of Durk & Sandy products),
NutriGuard Research, and Vitamin Research Products, offer their own
product line or a limited number of lines.  Others, such as Beyond
the Century, Indiana Botanic Gardens, L&H Vitamins, and Nature's
Distributors, are discount distributors of products from a wide range
of producers.  Some, such as LEF, offer discounts to members who pay
annual fees.

Local sources include numerous health food stores, supermarkets, and
the Apothecary Nutritional Pharmacy, in Bethesda.  It really pays
to compare prices among health food stores because their suppliers'
prices differ greatly.  Your supermarket may well offer the more
common vitamins and minerals in quantity for a reasonable price.
The Apothecary offers a variety of multiple formulations.  Its Green
Vibrance is virtually identical in composition and price to LEF's
Herbal Mix.

Domestic mail order suppliers of prescription drugs include College
Pharmacy, the Apothecary, and the Mail Order Pharmacy.

For many exotic nutrients and substances such as "smart drugs" and
natural hormones, drug companies have not sought or obtained Food
and Drug Administration approval to market for prescription or
over-the-counter use in the United States.  There are four reasons:
FDA defines anything that affects the body (other than food) as a
drug; it takes $250 million to obtain FDA approval for a new substance
as a prescription or over-the-counter drug; to be approved, a new drug
must be shown to be safe and "effective" against a disease; and aging
does not qualify as a disease.  These substances are called
"unapproved substances."

Many life extensionists import unapproved substances from overseas for
personal use.  Due to budget constraints, FDA personnel only monitor
(inspect a sample of) mail importations.  It is prudent to order
unapproved substances from abroad with a prescription for a three
month supply or less so that your mail can pass muster if inspected.
This is particularly true of substances that might be classified as
"controlled substances" under Drug Enforcement Administration
regulations at 21 CFR 1308.14.

Overseas suppliers include the Alzheimers Buyers Club, Baxamed Medical
Center, In-Home Health Services, Interlab, Libertarian Solutions, the
Life Extension Buyer's Club, and Quality Health.  Different suppliers
offer the lowest prices for different nutrients; however, because
shipping costs are so high, you will probably save if you order
multiple products from one supplier.  LEF has obtained discounts for
its members with the Alzheimers Buyers Club, Libertarian Solutions,
and the Life Extension Buyers Club.

You can obtain unapproved substances domestically if you a) obtain a
prescription and b) find a domestic pharmacy that has a manufacturing
source for the raw material and can "compound" the substance.
Domestic pharmacies with good sources include College Pharmacy,
the Apothecary, and the Mail Order Pharmacy.

Domestic Suppliers.

Apothecary Nutritional Pharmacy
5415 Cedar Lane
Bethesda, MD  20814

Beyond the Century
P.O. Box 713
Greenville, ME  04441

Home Health
949 Seahawk Circle
Virginia Beach, VA  23452

Indiana Botanic Gardens
P.O. Box 5
Hammond, IN  46325

L&H Vitamins
32-33 47th Ave.
Long Island City, NY  11101

Life Extension Foundation
P.O. Box 221920
Hollywood, FL  33022-9120

Life Services Supplements
3535 Highway 66, Bldg. 2
Neptune, NJ  07753

Nature's Distributors
16508 E. Laser Drive #104
Fountain Hills, AZ  85268

NutriGuard Research
P.O. Box 865
Encinitas, CA  92023

Prolongevity, Ltd.
10 Alden Rd., Unit 6
Markham, Ontario L3R2S1

Vitamin Research Products
3579 Highway 50 East
Carson City, NV  89701

Domestic Pharmacies.

Apothecary Nutritional Pharmacy
5415 Cedar Lane
Bethesda, MD  20814

College Pharmacy
833 N. Tejon St.
Colorado Springs, CO  80903

Mail Order Pharmacy
3170 North Federal Hwy.
Suite 104B
Lighthouse Point, FL  33064

Overseas Suppliers.

Alzheimers Buyer's Club
post fach
CH-8911 O. Ritterswil

Baxamed Medical Center
Realpstrasse 83
4054 Basel

In-Home Health Services
P.O. Box 3112-CH-2800 Delemont

Interlab, Inc.
BCM Box 5890
London, WC1N 3XX

Libertarian Solutions
GPO Box 12496
Hong Kong

Life Extension Buyers Club
c/o Life Extension Foundation
P.O. Box 221920
Hollywood, FL  33022-9120