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You want to live a long, healthy life.  You try to take care of yourself.
But even that's not enough.  You don't want to die, period.  If you have to
die, you want the chance to be like those people in the science fiction
stories who wake from frozen sleep, rejuvenated.

Over 400 people in the United States have acted on this desire.  They
have signed up with one of four national, non-profit organizations for
cryonic suspension -- preservation at ultra-low temperature upon their
legal deaths in the hope that some day they will be restored to life and
health.  Over 40 have been cryogenically preserved already.  Cryonics is
life extension of last resort.

Researchers in biology, medicine, and nanotechnology are striving to
perfect the science of low-temperature preservation and restoration.
While this work continues and membership grows, cryonicists across
the country are organizing to improve their chances for survival.

Dozens of signed-up cryonicists live in the Mid-Atlantic.  The Cryonics
Society of New York has been in operation since the 1980's.  The Life
Extension Society was organized in December, 1992, and now has 14
members from the Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia areas.  New
groups are being organized in Pittsburgh, Boston, and elsewhere.

Members of these groups share information about life extension and
anti-aging medicine and help one another to understand cryonics and to
sign up for cryo-preservation.  They share the effort to develop local,
rapid-response cryonic "stabilization" equipment and training to protect
signed-up members who die unexpectedly, before the national
organization's emergency team arrives.  These people save one
another's lives.

The Life Extension Society is working to bring rapid-response cryonics
capabilities to Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.  I urge you to
become a member of the Life Extension Society.  Annual membership
contributions are $60.00 per year.  A portion of your contribution will pay
for a one-year subscription to the Life Extension Society News.  The
remainder represents one small step closer to saving lives.  Thank you.

Mark W. Mugler

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