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LES Members Kick Off 1995 with Board Election, Pot Luck Supper

LES members will kick off 1995 with the annual election of the Board of
Directors, on February 5.  The election will be combined with a pot luck
supper at LES President Mark Mugler's house in Arlington, VA.  Join LES
now, and join the fun.

Fund Drive Reaches 50% Mark

In the last issue of the News, LES announced a drive to raise $1,000 in
seed money for its efforts to establish a local cryonic stabilization
capability.  So far nine of our members and subscribers have contributed
$500 "beyond the call of duty," with $60 more pledged.  On behalf of
every cryonicist who someday will deanimate in the Baltimore-Washington
area or the Philadelphia area (see President's Message), THANKS, and
keep those contributions coming.

Interventive Gerontology Seminar

A seminar on interventive gerontology highlighted the October 30 LES
meeting.  Intrepid participants were treated to fascinating evidence
that aging is not so much a result of "wear and tear," but more a result
of regulated processes into which intervention is possible now with
available, life-extending substances.  Scientists are discovering the
key mechanisms that lead to changes in our bodies' energy metabolism,
immunological defense, protein synthesis, and cellular repair.  Changes
in the production of human growth hormone appear to be involved in many
of these changes.

LES News Available by Subscription and on Internet

Beginning in 1995, non-members can receive a subscription to the
quarterly LES News for $10.00 per year.  The LES News also is
available on the Internet.  An annual contribution of $10 is encouraged
for cybersurfers who read the News.  Call for information on how to
access the News, or send in a subscription fee today.

Cryonics and Life Extension Conference

On November 4, 5, and 6, 1994, the Life Extension Foundation, of
Hollywood, FL, held the first-ever conference on Cryonics and Life
Extension in Ontario, CA.  The conference kicked off with a panel on
'New Models for Cryonics Organizations', on which LES President Mugler
presented remarks on 'Creating a Regional Cryonic Stabilization
Capability' (see LES News, 1994 no. 4 for related article.)

Other panels included 'Rejuvenation Now;' 'Latest Advances in Human
Cryopreservation;' 'Frontiers of Cryonics Research;' 'Management and
Investment Strategies for Patient Care Funds;' 'Improving the Image of
Cryonics;' 'Legal Rights of Cryonics Patients;' 'Estimating Our Chances;'
and 'Dewars versus the Cold Room.'

The panels were followed by a guided tour of the Twenty-First Century
Medicine laboratory in nearby Rancho Cucamonga.

The Life Extension Foundation will publish a conference summary shortly.

President's Message

As I look back, I realize that LES had some exciting accomplishments
in 1994.  Among other things, we held seminars on the cryonics signup
process and on interventive gerontology, or anti-aging nutrition and
practices.  The LES News featured guest articles on life insurance for
cryonicists, how to save money on life extension nutrients, and how
local cryonic stabilization capabilities can be improved.

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our members who contributed to
our fund-raising drive, in November I was able to attend the Cryonics
and Life Extension conference in Ontario, California.  I came away with
a few insights that I will share with you.

First, as critical mass is reached in locales throughout the country, we
will see a proliferation of local cryonics organizations that contract
with the national organizations (CryoCare, ALCOR, BioPreservation, etc.)
in order to ensure quality of cryonics service beyond "basic."  No
matter to what degree "bundled" or "unbundled" cryonics organizations
predominate at the national level in the future, local organizations
increasingly will participate in cryonic stabilization ("transport")

Second, this proliferation is a "bootstrap" phenomenon.  In each locale,
life-saving cryonics capabilities will be provided because some people
in that locale contributed their elbow grease and dollars to recruit
members and obtain equipment and training.

Third, there are many things -- especially the scientific research in
anti-aging medicine, cryobiology, nanotechnology, etc. -- that we all
rely upon to save our lives and that only certain individuals can do.
The rest of us should do our best -- whether by helping to find funds,
by assuming administrative and organizational burdens, or otherwise --
to free up these scientists to pursue their crucial research.

We must all take direct responsibility for saving our own lives.  LES
provides a mechanism to cooperate in that enterprise.  LES is attempting
to be one of the first local organizations in the country with cryonic
stabilization capability.  This means not only having a kit, but being
ready to use it.

In October, I travelled to New York to talk to our New York and Boston
counterparts about ways to collaborate.  One promising idea is to share
the cost of an emergency supply of stabilization perfusate.

In November, prompted by a generous offer from BioPreservation, Inc.,
we proposed to the national cryonics organizations that we enter into
contracts to fund cryonics training and the installation and maintenance
of a cryonic stabilization kit.  We hope to conclude the negotiations
and obtain the kit in 1995.

A key initiative for 1995 is to reach out to cryonicists and life
extensionists in the Philadelphia region, as well as the Baltimore-
Washington region.  This means a larger "service area" for LES for the
foreseeable future, but it also means more dedicated individuals who
can contribute to making life-saving technology available to us all now.

In concert with these initiatives, we hope to train two members in
cryonic stabilization procedures and make standby arrangements with
at least one mortician.

Although this sounds daunting, we can do it together.  Do you
have interests or expertise in membership development, contracts,
or emergency medicine?  Do you have flexible working hours and
arrangements?  Extra space in your garage, or a second refrigerator?
A full-size van?  What about putting together a seminar topic or
contributing to the LES News?  If you are willing to help, LES can
use your services.  Call now.  Our operators are standing by, ha ha.

May you live long and prosper, and may you receive the best in cryonics

Mark Mugler

Life Extension Society 990 N. Powhatan St. Arlington VA 22205 703-534-7277