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1995 No. 2          LIFE EXTENSION SOCIETY NEWS          April, 1995

LES To Host Open House in Philadelphia

LES will host an open house in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, May
13, 1995, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the William Jeanes Memorial
Library, 4051 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, PA.  The only formal part
of the meeting is from 2:30 to 3:30, when LES President Mark Mugler
and a leading cryobiologist and anti-aging researcher will provide
an overview of life extension, the science behind cryonics, and LES
activities.  Munchies, refreshments, and a variety of literature will
be available.

A car pool for Washington-area members will leave from White Flint Mall
(western parking lot) at 11:00.  Call Mark Mugler at 703-534-7277 for

LES, CSNY Hold Elections

LES members met on February 5, 1995 to enjoy a pot luck supper and
elect the 1995 Board.  Five 1994 Board members were re-elected: Mark
Mugler (Arlington, VA), Joel Finkleman (Silver Spring, MD), Mike Miller
(Baltimore, MD), Austin Esfandiary (College Park, MD), and Greg F*hy
(Gaithersburg, MD).  The two new members are Keith Lynch (Vienna, VA)
and Guy G*pson (Conshohocken, PA).  They replace two 1994 Board members
-- Cleve Lunsford and Nooshin F*hy -- who had resigned from the Board
effective with the end of their terms.  Cryonics Society of New York
(CSNY) members met on February 19, 1995 to elect officers for 1995.
Curtis Henderson, Stanley Gerber, and Janet Pinckney were re-elected
as President, Vice President, and Secretary, respectively.  Mike Paulle
was elected as Treasurer.  He replaces Gerry Arthus, who is moving to
Utah this summer.

Negotiations for LES Stabilization Kit Called Off

LES has called off negotiations with national cryonics organizations to
finance acquisition and upkeep of a cryonic "stabilization" (CPR-phase)
kit serving the Washington-Baltimore-Philadelphia region.  The
negotiations fell through when it became clear that BioPreservation,
Inc., which would have provided the equipment, is satisfied with its
existing arrangements in the New York area, where most mid-Atlantic
cryonicists are located.  The Cryonics Society of New York currently
maintains CPR-phase stabilization equipment, and BioPreservation has
arranged for a New Jersey mortician to house "total body washout"
equipment and supplies.  See "CSNY To Upgrade Equipment" and "Cryonic
Resources in the Mid-Atlantic" in this issue.

The goal of providing quality cryonics services to LES members
who de-animate unexpectedly will be met later rather than sooner.
Henceforth, LES will adopt a more conservative, long-term strategy
to acquire a rapid-response cryonic stabilization capability.
The strategy has two parts.  First, LES will continue to expand its
membership in order to attain a "critical mass" that can provide the
dollars and manpower to support a rapid-response capability.  Second,
along the way LES will set aside a portion of each member's annual
dues to accumulate the funds needed to obtain equipment and training.

Contact Mark Mugler at the address below with information on upcoming
meetings and recent events.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Philadelphia, PA, May 13 -- LES open house.  See "LES To Host Open
House in Philadelphia."

Washington, DC, May 26-29 -- Disclave, annual science fiction
convention.  Charles Sheffield, who has written science fiction stories
based on cryonics, is guest of honor.  LES Board member Keith Lynch
will attend.  Info:  Disclave '95, Box 368, Gaithersburg, MD 20884;

Rockville, MD, June 11 -- LES meeting, 3:00 PM, at Exhibits, Inc., 4929
Wyaconda Rd.  Call 703-534-7277 to confirm date.

New York, NY, June 18 -- Cryonics Society of New York bi-monthly
meeting, 2:00 PM.  Call 212-832-2802 for location of meeting.

Nearly 70 Mid-Atlantic Cryonicists Signed Up

As of this writing, nearly 70 cryonicists in the Mid-Atlantic region
(Virginia and states to the north) have signed up for cryogenic
preservation upon their de-animation.  The state-by-state count is
as follows:

Connecticut    2    Maine      2
Massachusetts  5    Maryland   4
New Jersey     6    New York  40
Pennsylvania   4    Vermont    1
Virginia       4

Nearly 20 more are in the signup process.

CSNY To Upgrade Equipment

Cryonic stabilization equipment is needed in the "CPR phase" of cryonic
suspension to protect and stabilize de-animated members in preparation
for "total body washout."  The equipment now in the possession of the
Cryonics Society of New York has been used in a number of
stabilizations in recent years.

Upgrading the equipment was the principal topic of discussion at the
April 16 meeting of CSNY.  Charles Platt is procuring a new portable
ice bath.  Gerry Arthus and Curtis Henderson are inventorying existing
equipment and supplies.  Courtney Smith is pursuing obtaining 501(c)(3)
tax-exempt status to enable the donation of equipment by other
tax-exempt organizations.

Cryonic Resources in the Mid-Atlantic

When a mid-Atlantic cryonicist goes down, the mobile team of the
national organization of which he or she is a client or member provides
on-site CPR-phase stabilization, followed by total body washout and
low-temperature storage.  Local resources enhance the cryonicist's
chances of receiving prompt, quality initial stabilization.  Here are
the people and equipment that are available to help when someone goes
down in the mid-Atlantic region.  More details will be provided in a
future issue of the LES News.

o One physician in Baltimore.
o One paramedic in Pittsburgh.
o Two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) in New York City.
o One former EMT in Maryland.
o Four persons in New York City certified by the ALCOR Foundation.
o Two additional persons in Maryland and New York City with experience
  and training in cryonic suspensions.
o CPR-phase equipment in New York City (See "CSNY To Upgrade Equipment").
o A cooperative mortician in New Jersey who will soon have total body
  washout equipment on site.
o A potentially cooperative mortician in Maryland.

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