My vision of the net:

I believe that if this vision, or something like it, fails, the net as we know it will be replaced by something like cable TV. Lots of channels, filled with full color graphics, stereo sound, and impressive special effects, but (with very few exceptions) very little actual content. And all which you have to pay for. And all with ads, too, all the time. Ordinary people will have little ability to produce content for others to see. E-mail and newsgroups will be extinct, but there will be vast numbers of incompatible proprietary pay-per-post web-based conferencing systems. ANSI and RFC standards will be defunct, replaced by a flurry of incompatible and inefficient closed undocumented proprietary protocols with planned obsolesense. Last year's computer, or the wrong brand of computer, won't be able to view this year's web pages. Nor will users be allowed to program their own computers, as they might be attempting to break security, or to view web pages without seeing the ads, or without paying for it.

Last updated February 17th, 2002.