Short version:

I was short on cash, so I got a roommate. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a thief. Even more unfortunately, I didn't realize this in time.

He moved in with me on December 3rd, 1977. Three days later, he had a phone installed in our apartment in Rosslyn Virginia. The phone installer had apparently been told by the police to keep an eye out for some equipment stolen from a nearby office building, and they saw it in his part of the apartment.

On December 14, my roommate and I were both arrested. I had no money for a lawyer. I was appointed a lawyer by the state. This lawyer gave me very bad advice. I was convicted of two counts of burglary, and sentenced to six years in the state penitentiary.

I was paroled 19 months later, and was released from parole two years later. I still have a felony record, and am permanently forbidden from voting, serving on a jury, or owning a gun. I have had no trouble with the law whatsoever before or since. I still hope to get these two bogus convictions reversed.

Long version, part 1, part 2.

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