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Keith F. Lynch wrote:

> I am not counting media cons, i.e. cons devoted to Star Trek, anime,
> Famous Monsters from Filmland, etc.  Nor am I counting gaming
> cons, hacker cons, mystery cons, comics cons, events held in homes,
> churches, or outdoors rather than in hotels or convention centers,
> or events that were called meetings, parties, picnics, weddings, or
> funerals, or events held closer to Baltimore, Richmond, Annapolis,
> Gettysburg, Frederick, Blacksburg, etc., than to DC.
> Am I forgetting any?

Yes, at least two:

August Party.  It was a Star Trek/SF convention.  That is, it was
started for Star Trek fans, but because the folks running it were
generic SF fans, it was not limited to Star Trek.  Rich Kolker, who was
a WSFAn for a number of years, was the con chair,  Another committee
member who is still involved with fandom is Theresa Renner (she was at
Capclave last year).  It started out as a one day at the University of
MD in '75...and it ran every year for 10 years (I don't believe the info
at is correct).  The later ones had
attendance in the 1500 range I think.  Some info at

One of the main features was the "Sunday Show", which was a stage play
sort of thing involving a parody skit of various movies and TV shows,
with scripts written by Peter David, who went on to write for
Nickelodeon and (I think) Marvel Comics.   These skits were not always
Trek-oriented.  For instance, one year it was "Star Feuds" (a game show
starring the Empire Family (Darth, and 3 generals and admirals) vs. the
Rebel Family (Luke, Leia, Han and Yoda).  Han Solo was dressed as
Indiana Jones, but in the "Cabonite" pose from the movie, and squeaking
out a weak "oil can...." when addressed.  Another year it was "Return to
Jedi, Address Unknown", and another time it was "Battlestar Ponderosa".
These sometimes started off with a "squad room" bit parodying Hill
Street Blues, but with characters from the movie being parodied in the
main part of the skit.  The Sunday Show also had other parts, such as
the "Chairnak" routine, which was a parody of Johnny Carson's
"Carnak"...envelope to the head, divine the answer, open the envelope
and read the question.  For example, answer: Dagobah, question: "What do
da sheep say?"

There was also filking, a costume contest (which usually had costumes
from Dr. Who, Tolkein, or other things, such as "Bored of the Rings"),
an art show, and for several years a call to Gene Roddenberry to ask
about the movie.

The other missing one was put on by WACO (Washington Area Convention
Organization, and pronounced "Wacko").  The first was in January, 1984
(in an ice storm, in Reston) and was called "Brave New Con". Attendance
was almost 500 despite the weather and time of year.  There was
programming that included GOH Frederick Pohl, Art GOH Kelly Freas and
General Daniel O. Graham of Project High Frontier, movies, and various
panel discussions. Chair was Rich Kolker...I was
treasurer/pre-reg/software development for the mailing list. Other
involved committee people included Ted and Karen Pauls, TJ Burnside (now
Clapp), Gail Pittaway, Theresa Renner, and several other ex-August Party
folks).   The second WACO con was to be in 1985 and called "Take My
Con...Please", chaired by Ted Pauls, but it didn't happen.

-- Mike B.