Ten differences between George W. Bush and myself

* He was convicted of drunk driving in 1976.
* I was convicted of office burglary in 1977.

* He was guilty.
* I was innocent.

* He had the best lawyers money could buy.
* I had a court-appointed lawyer.

* Drunk driving is very likely to cripple or kill someone.
* Office burglary is very unlikely to cripple or kill anyone.

* He was only 30, so it should be dismissed as a youthful indiscretion.
* I was 20, and thus fully an adult.  My record should be held against
  me forever.

* He was fined $150, and his license suspended for thirty days.
* I was sentenced to six years in the state penitentiary.

* He learned from his experience, which makes him uniquely qualified
  to be elected president.
* I will never be allowed to vote.

* He had the wisdom to give up drinking alcohol, ten years after his arrest.
* I had the wisdom never to drink alcohol in the first place.

* He has teams of people to rely on for ideas and to write his speeches.
* I have to do all my own thinking, working, and writing.

* He says he wants a smaller, less intrusive government.  He's lying.
* I say I want a smaller, less intrusive government.  I'm telling the truth.

(Nothing in the above should be construed as support for Al Gore. I would vote for Harry Browne, the Libertarian candidate, if I were allowed to vote.)

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Last updated November 5th, 2000.