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I always welcome email from people who have read any of my web pages, newsgroup postings, email, or other writings, but spam (unsolicited bulk e-mail sent to thousands or millions of addresses) is not welcome here. Please be aware that after years of priding myself on never filtering, I have been very reluctantly forced to start.

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I'm probably most "famous" for:

I'm into SF, SF cons, the net, cryonics, Lojban, programming, science, math, history, classical music, warmth, cycling, space exploration and colonization, nanotechnology, archiving information, ham radio, extropians, liberty, and objectivism.

I'm against spammers, big government, tobacco smoke (at least when I'm forced to breathe it), cold, ice, drunk or careless motorists, motorists who think bikes don't belong on the road, and destroying information.

I am the secretary of the Life Extension Society, the mid-Atlantic cryonics organization.

I am vice president of the Potomac River Science Fiction Society.

Here are the archives of the Cryonet mailing list. This list is for people interested in cryonics. I maintain the archives, but not the list itself.

Here are ten differences between George W. Bush and myself.

I don't have the means to put a picture of myself here. However, I discovered that someone else has one already on the net. Appropriately enough, I am wearing my anti-internet-censorship blue ribbon. I am also wearing several Worldcon badges. I'm the person in the middle. This picture was taken during the 1996 Worldcon. It's somewhat underexposed. (Since that file was removed from, I've made a local copy. Thanks to the several people who mentioned this to me. Please notify me of any other broken links or other problems. Thanks.)

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